Public Service Announcement:

Let me take a moment to step on a soapbox. It’s a little slippery and more than a bit bitchy, but I’ve been frustrated about this for quite a while and it merits being said. This is a public service announcement for all the girls I know who range from slightly insecure to unfortunately, ridiculously paranoid…


I have not, nor will I ever, try to steal your boyfriend. Get off your high horse and at least meet me, say hi once or twice, before you decide that I’m enough of a threat to attempt to erase me from his life.

Admittedly, there was an incident or two in high school, but those incidents did NOT involve the young man you’re dating. You’d know because, those times when I tried, I succeeded. If I decided I’d wanted yours back then, I would have at least made a concerted effort and been somewhat successful. Define success whatever way you want, but it would have happened. And it is not going to happen now, years later. For goodness sakes, these are young men I have not seen in months or years! I really, really have no intention of stealing your boyfriend. I promise. The choices I made in high school that led to break ups were not good, and they’re decisions I’m sorry for, but I’ve made my peace with them. I can honestly say that I have never had any intention of stealing away the guys I know who have told me their girlfriends don’t like me/are slightly paranoid/think I love them secretly. The guys I date tend to shy away from that kind of crazy. Unfortunately, the wide span of boys I happen to be friends with and enjoy being around are not so particular.

I’m okay with that, honestly. It’s okay, I’m sure all the paranoid/slightly insecure girls in the world are very nice underneath. Everyone has their own separate set of issues to deal with and that’s perfectly alright. I’m sure if I got to know you I’d discover that you’re really witty, or we share a love of used bookstores, or perhaps you go to my favorite coffeeshop every Wednesday night. I already know you’re a wonderful girlfriend for my dear friend and a great fit for his life. I am not. There’s a reason I have been friends with him for six years and there’s an equally good reason that you’ve been his amazing girlfriend for three.

There’s a reason he called me to tell me he wanted to propose to you. That reason was not to make me jealous, I promise. He loves you. But I like being in his life too, and I think that you ought to give me a chance before phone numbers get deleted and people start disappearing from Facebook. At least take a good look at me before you tell him to get rid of me. And if you ask, and he does it? That action alone says you have him; you aren’t losing him to me anytime soon.

So can we all just chill out, please? I’m stubborn about keeping people in my life. Please give me a chance to keep ’em around.


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