Words Worth Repeating: Gaelic Sayings

I’m drinking coffee. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I’ve been up since near 9, and I’m drinking coffee.


Well, it has to do with a particular thesis and a nice check I got for working on it this summer, and a plan to finished within the next year. Except the previous sentence is all the plan I have.

Perhaps I need a diagram. “2 hrs research” penciled into my planner on Thursdays and Fridays just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. I like this stuff, I do! I love my Redmond O’Hanlon folklore and everything I’ve learned about him and sitting in the musty reading room of the NLI reading a letter printed in 1861. However, my interest in all of this is considerable diminished while on the couch in my house. Why?? It’s as close to my normal work environment as I can get (the chair in my former common room, which is no longer available to me).

But I really want to do anything but write this paper, which I am passionate about – a fact I need to convey articulately, with progress, if I am to ask for more funding – so why the procrastination?

This is why I need my own little library/study. I would be so productive! Or so I like to think.

Words worth repeating today are from an anonymous Gaelic proverb that reads:

“Deep peace of the running waves to you, deep peace of the flowing air to you, deep peace of the quiet earth to you, deep peace of the smiling stars to you.”

It’s not particularly writing-oriented, but it is extremely applicable to this thing we call life. During the time I spent in Ireland, I was struck with the simple joy everyone there radiated. Barhopping in America often feels a sleazy, shady experience; the Irish pubs were downright joyful. There wasn’t anything dirty about being there, drinking with a room full of stranger-friends and listening to music. Even on the busiest night in Tigh Coili’s when the room was packed full of people…somehow it was still peaceful. I was peaceful.

If we all learned to live like this I think the world would have a lot less problems.

I need to learn to live like this.


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