Beating around the Bush (and other silliness)

I don’t understand it. I just don’t. We’ve all been guilty of it one time or another, haven’t we? Not saying what we truly want to say, what we really mean, because beating around the bush is easier…life shouldn’t be life that. Life shouldn’t be a “take the easier path” type of thing. Life should mean taking the road less traveled, the road that’s truer to who you are. That’s always the road less traveled; it must be, because there is no one else quite like you on earth, and if you’re trying to be someone else then their road is already being traveled, or should be at any rate.

Here I am unraveling a Frost poem when what I meant to write had to deal with all the verbal bullshit. Just another indication that I really am a poetry person.

At any rate, I really am tired of the hedged words I find around me lately. Say what you mean! Spit it out! Dear goodness, it isn’t just one person anymore, it’s several, all afflicted with the same sort of cowardice. Why can’t we just say what we mean or, if you’re too afraid, say nothing at all? At least let your actions stand true to your thoughts. And don’t be intentionally difficult! A conversation should not feel like pulling teeth, a conversation should be natural and honest. And, quite frankly, I’m done with any conversations that feel more like the former than the latter.

Be upfront. Be true. Do not make me feel as though I have to coax words out of you; that’s playing and I’m done with the games. I’m too tired and too busy, doing what I have to do and what I want to do, to chase anybody’s words around town.

*I realize that not calling people by name seems to render me hypocritical. My reasoning is that I have already discussed my irritation with the people who have done this recently, and embarrassing them on a public forum seems unfair.


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