Too much coffee…

Today I have entirely too much coffee in my system to get my thoughts in order. I used to be nearly immune to the effects of this particular caffeine-transmitter, drinking three or four cups a day at least. Realizing this was a rather unhealthy habit – it led to severe headaches from caffeine withdrawal when I tried to abstain from coffee – I took a bout of illness last semester as time to detox from my drug of choice. I didn’t drink coffee for two weeks while I was ill, effectively curing me of my caffeine dependence.

Unfortunately, I now get the extreme coffee jitters when I have a large cup of iced coffee. I wanted energy this morning; I did not want “oh my goodness my hands are shaking and I can’t get my thoughts in order and I’m bouncing from poem to revisions to rough draft of new story,” which is exactly what was happening before I decided to write this blog post.

So now here I am, bouncing off the walls in Starbucks as I try to be a wee bit productive before I head down to UNC-P for the weekend.

Here’s to too much energy!


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