Love in a Warm Room in Winter – James Wright

The trouble with you is
You think all I want to do
Is get you into bed
And make love with you.

And that’s not true!

I was just trying to make friends.
All I wanted to do
Was get into bed
With you and make

Love with you.

Who was that little bird we saw towering upside down
This afternoon on that pine cone, on the edge of a cliff,
In the snow? Wasn’t he charming? Yes, he was, now,
Now, now,
Just take it easy.


So, I’m incredibly fond of James Wright, so much so that I’m actually doing a paper on him and his poetry for a class.

I was searching for poems by him that I hadn’t read before and stumbled upon this little gem. I love short – or fairly short – poetry. I think there’s a lot to be said for brevity and simplicity in language. Anyway, I was awful sad to find out that James Wright died in 1980 of cancer, but I love his poetry, and I think that knowing he was dying definitely influenced some of his later work in substantial ways.

This isn’t really “older work,” I suppose, but it’s got nice humor and bounce to it, and the speaker makes me smile.



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