The trouble with starting new stories…

Oh! Is this as much a pain for other people as it is for me? I struggle so much with deciding what to write, especially if it’s for a class assignment. I’ve got one short-short written, 80% of an average short story, and have been playing with three completely different ideas as well! And that’s all just since this weekend.

I am not like this with poetry! I can bang out a decent poem in a couple hours, revise a couple times, and it’s done. Short story is like pulling teeth! I think it’s alright, and my language is decent, but I get to questioning whether the plot is any good and I just sort of spiral into a rabbit hole from there.

Or I stare at the screen, start another idea, write a page, and feel a very, very false sense of accomplishment.

Ooph. I just need to remind myself that I love it. I love writing, I do. But I am so stuck!

And because I love you oh, so much, I am including Donald Hall’s “Safe Sex” in this blog for the third time. I don’t care. It’s wonderful. Please revel in the awesome rawness that is this poem:

If he and she do not know each other, and feel confident
they will not meet again; if he avoids affectionate words;

if she has grown insensible skin under skin; if they desire
only the tribute of another’s cry; if they employ each other

as revenge on old lovers or families of entitlement and steel—
then there will be no betrayals, no letters returned unread,

no frenzy, no hurled words of permanent humiliation,
no trembling days, no vomit at midnight, no repeated

apparition of a body floating face-down at the pond’s edge

I cannot say enough how much I love this poem.


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