Finally, a story with life!

So, after I shit you not, SIX attempts at stories, I think I’ve finally hit on one that’s breathing. Which is good because it’s basically due in a week. And I’ve been strugglebus-ing it like none other on the fiction front.

I think the problem lately has been that my mind’s been harping on this one sort-of-very emotional situation, and I haven’t been able to get past it to write about anything else. All I’ve wanted to do is write about that, and the problem with that is that it really isn’t interesting enough to be a story. Poetry, yes, because it’s a lot easier not to go into detail and to focus on the emotions of it, but with story I like to stick to what happened as much as possible.

And, frankly, I am aware that this particular incident is not interesting enough (in terms of the broader scope of human experience) to even merit five pages. It just isn’t. There isn’t much of a so-what, it’s just the drama of being young and reckless and it’s just plain not enough!

BUT…after reading bunches and bunches of short fiction today I think I’ve got enough of a handle on the emotions of it all to have a new premise, and characters that are not real, and all of the fun things that make fiction fiction.

So, more fiction coming soon!


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