Cute Scenes Dying

The above title…story of my life lately. I’ve been doing so much editing on the two short stories I revised for my Fiction class. Crazy amounts of revision and introspection and staring off into space with my computer in my lap and a huge mug of hot tea in one hand.

So! Now that that’s over I’ll be posting a little more regularly again. Hopefully writing some more new poetry. I’m rereading Claudia Emerson’s Late Wife collection right now and it’s very inspiring.

A couple sort of house-cleaning notes for those of you who are interested:

1. I’m studying abroad in London in the spring (eek!) so this is also going to double as a sort of travel blog for friends & family & everyone else who wants to keep up with me.

2. I am sorry I’ve been gone for a while. It feels like I haven’t written anything new in ages! Between the revisions and the migraines (did anyone else know that seesawing temperature changes can exacerbate chronic migraines?), it’s pretty much been everything I can do to remember to eat semi-regularly.

3. I am moving everything out of my apartment this week (wahh, I hate moving.) so…so this post is one more way to procrastinate. You have found me out. I tire of boxing my things.

And…yeah, that seems about it. Does anyone else hate moving as much as I do? I feel like a sort of odd case with this because I love traveling and I’d like very much to see the world, but I hate packing and unpacking with such a passion it’s unreal. Something about moving a lot as a child, I suppose. I think I whine more about moving than just about anything else.

One last thing: has anyone tried Couchsurfing? I hear it’s a pretty nifty way to travel! Share stories?


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