This is Just Exactly Like Us.*

We kill and we die. This is the human race – and maybe the human way. We destroy things. Innocence. Innocents. We sensationalize violence; we sensationalize everything. Television, video games, holiday, disasters – everything, everything must be monumental, exaggerated, bigger than it really is. Why? Why do we do this? Why is it acceptable to do these things, and then act all surprised and horrified when tragedies like December 14, 2012, happen?

I am not saying that Newtown yesterday was not sad. It was. It is. Sad, awful, horrendous, terrible. I cannot imagine what that entire town of parents and children and families are going through right now.

But this happens. Mass shootings. They’ve been happening more and more frequently lately. Do we realize that this is the second shooting in less than six months?? This is so wrong. This is unacceptable on such a grand level that I actually find it hard to fathom.

We are doing something wrong. Something distinctly¬†not right as a society that must, in some way, validate the actions of these men. This doesn’t happen in Europe! I mean, shootings and violence still happen, but aren’t they usually connected to terrorist/extremist organizations? They aren’t usually isolated incidents created by individuals. A single person isn’t going off the deep end and offing a pub to get back at their mother or brother or whatnot.

This seems to be an America-specific phenomenon. And I find all of it so terribly disturbing.

So what can we do?

What can we do to put this behind us, without trivializing the lives of the brave children and adults who died yesterday?

I think I agree with Morgan Freeman: he said to forget the name of the man who did this, not to allow him that. Remember the victims instead.

*Tweaked title of Drew Perry’s novel, which everyone should read.


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