Unattended Funeral (draft 2)

Unattended Funeral

I didn’t go to your funeral, a year ago
today. All I can think is how I want
to ask forgiveness from your corpse
for failing to show up, to pay
my respects, to cry with everyone else Continue reading


Tried and True Ways to Fail – Nathaniel Perry

Cut the tree with a bent bow saw.
When the blade sticks in the heart
of the fallen pine, try to free
it with your gloveless hand. Seek art Continue reading

Salvation Army Church Experience

So,I didn’t realize that Regent’s Hall, the Salvation Army headquarters, would be in the middle of a street full of retail stores. Perhaps because of the videos we watched, or perhaps because of my suburban, Bible-belt church experience, I simply expected a grander, bigger structure than the one we entered. Pretty sure Continue reading

The Tower (dum dum DUM)

That’s how it sounded in my head, anyway. SO! We went to the Tower of London this morning for a tour and it was SO cool! That was definitely on the “things I wanted to do here” list, and I thought our tour guide was pretty great. I’d heard about the crows before but man, those puppies (birdies?) are huge! And their beaks…I’m pretty sure if one bit you, you’d lose a finger. But they were neat! Continue reading

Portobello Road

It’s a song, it’s featured in hit romantic comedy Notting Hill, it’s a huge, upscale market…it’s Portobello Road! This free Thursday led me, Ashtin, and Maddy over there in the chilly (but not rainy) weather.

Our first stop was a country-western store in which we were told, quite firmly, that we couldn’t take pictures. I had fun looking at the jewelry – shiny! silver! whimwangers! – and was quite surprised to see a ring nearly identical to one I bought in a Saxapahaw antique store. Like, different piece of turquoise, but same ring. We also found the bookstore from Notting Hill (the movie) but it is sadly no longer a bookstore, but a shoe place. Still a shop I have a problem in, but I digress.

We wandered around for a while – more jewelry, some typewriters I definitely wanted but certainly do not need – before stopping in at American staple Starbucks for coffee. Not gonna lie, as much as I love the cafes, it was great to get a familiar Pike Roast with cream.

After wandering the length of Portobello Market and thanking our lucky stars we came on a Thursday instead of a Saturday – apparently it’s packed on weekends – we headed to Primark, which is like an inexpensive H&M, Forever21, Ross/Marshalls/TJ Maxx type of place. It was awesome!! Huge, great sales…so much fun. I’m seriously restraining myself from buying a whole new wardrobe.

cannot believe I’ve already been here for three weeks, and that I’ve already traveled to another country! The time is already going by so quickly, and I’m still looking forward to the rest of what’s in store!

Until later, friends!