Gelato and Stairs

There are 92 stairs between the floor of my building and the top floor, a.k.a. my flat. We’re referring to it as ‘the penthouse.’ Makes the walk up a tad bit better.

…but not really.

You know what does make the walk up way better, though?


One of my flatmates and I went out for gelato this evening – OH HEAVENLY GOODNESS. It was so spectacular. Had a super dark chocolate and a hazelnut and fresh whipped cream and just…wow. There are some things that just make life a little bit sweeter and, while most of them are intangible, I would hazard a guess that gelato is one of the few things you can eat that actually make life more awesome.

Well, gelato and cheese.

Anyway, it occurred to me, as Stephanie and I hiked back up to our flat after our lovely outing, that the stair-climbing will probably help cancel out the gelato-eating.

Which is good, because I plan on eating a fair amount of gelato.

So I’m listening to Mumford & Sons play Winter Winds which, if you didn’t already know, begins with “As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts, all the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms…”

I thought it was appropriate.

Well, the winter winds and London bit. Being in a room by myself is nice, but I think it’ll take a bit more time to see if it’s all that lonely. Besides, I’m like Dad in that way – I don’t mind being by myself at all, really, and once I get the hang of the city in general I think it’ll be even less likely. And, no joke, I’m already thinking fondly of sitting in a Cafe Nero with my laptop and coffee mug, writing Shakespeare papers.

About today…we did two different tours today, a walking and a bus tour. Both were neat but on the walking bit I just wanted to keep stopping and taking everything in and we just kept moving! So I’d really like to go back over to Hyde Park tomorrow if it isn’t raining and just take it all in. Maybe check out the Tate Modern before classes start. I know I need to run an errand or two, but they won’t take very long. We ended up spending part of the evening re-walking some of the parts of the city we were in earlier today, so that was nice. I’m a little in awe of the bigness of some places and the smallness of others. (Example: Harrods: HUGE. Cafes: TEENY. Churches: both.) Also, found a little hookah bar not far from Harrods and one of my flatmates is game for going, so there will definitely be a hookah outing in the near future (DJ/Chris/Jake, wish you were here!).

Definitely missing talking to Jake all the time. I’m just really used to practically living with him at home, and talking every other day or more at school, so having not talked since the night before I left is SO weird.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve added Eurostar and Megabus to the list of inexpensive travel options! I can get to Paris on either, and the Megabus is a longer ride but quite a bit cheaper. We’ll see as that trip gets closer, which one I end up using. Also looking at these for going to Naples/Dublin/Galway…there’s so much to do!

All the best from London, loves!


4 thoughts on “Gelato and Stairs

  1. So enjoy hearing about your adventures….and gelato is one of my favorites too!! Nothing like it!!
    Papa is rather fond of it too!

  2. Wow you really did a lot today. It sounds do fun and exciting. I will tour London vicariously through you each post. Thanks for sharing all the adventure. The gelatinous sounds relish. Hyde park looked huge on thegoogle earth thing.
    Glad you found the other travel options. That one fast train looks cool though.
    We finished putting up Christmas today. E went to Jill and Scotts tonight for dinner. Home now. Church tomorrow. Abby is getting a bath you and miss you.

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