The Odds and Ends of Thoughts

It’s day four in London, and so much is unexpected. There’s some good, some strange, some maybe bad? It’s all here.

1. I didn’t think I’d still miss Ireland.
But I do. Even more now, actually, than when I was in the states. I’m so close to her! But I’m still not there. I miss THAT trip, those people (though I am fond of the people on this trip, don’t get me wrong), my amazing roommate there, the pubs and the music and the fun people we met! Hiking the Aran Islands and Connemara and the Giant’s Causeway. Ohmygoodness I miss it so much. And I guess I thought that since I’d be here, in this amazing city, that I wouldn’t be longing for Ireland still. (Oops.) I mean, I am still so glad that I’m here and I know that I chose this trip over going back to Galway or Dublin, and this will be a great experience…I just miss being in Ireland. So I’m seriously going to try my darndest to get in the MA Writing program at U. Galway so that I can live there for a year. If I’m being completely honest with myself, and with you, that’s where I want to be.

2. I did not take this walking thing seriously enough.
SO. MUCH. WALKING. Unbelievable amounts of walking. And I thought I walked a decent amount at Elon! Here, a grocery trip turns into 45 minutes because it’s a 15 minute walk each way, and you stick to your list because you’ve got to carry all your bags back! I have decided I’ll only be doing small amounts of grocery shopping.

3. I think it’s possible that I live on bread, cheese, gelato, tea, and coffee while i’m here.
With some clementines thrown in for good measure. I bought couscous because it was on sale yesterday, but winging the water-to-grain ratio was a really bad plan. Making pasta involves buying extras like olive oil (and I’m not cheap about my olive oil), sauce, and veggies, and glass jars are a lot of extra weight! Hence my projected diet. Of course I’ll eat out some, and the cafes have really good, fairly inexpensive sandwich options. M&S has ready-made pastas and salads with fresh veggies and salmon and such, so those are good, cheap eating-out options. So I guess what I’m saying is I plan to eat the above (#3) when I’m staying in my flat. Dinner tonight was toasted whole-wheat bread slices, one with manchego and another with a soft chaume (nice cheese was on sale at M&S yesterday, haha).

4. I think I’ll be meeting a lot more international travelers than English people.
Basically because the travelers seem much more willing to meet new people and such – I’ve had like 5-6 people off Couchsurfing contact me about meeting for coffee/drinks/park/museum stuff, so that’s cool, from places from Buenos Aires to Turkey! I’m thinking of trying to coordinate a casual night in a S.Kens pub with them and some of the girls. Or, you know, we could always go get gelato.

5. I’m going to go live in the park.
Hyde, Kensington…different parts of the park have different names but it’s all basically one big park, and it’s awesome and huge and I LOVE it! Went to the Peter Pan statue today and just stared. Will be adventuring out there again soon.

6. I love this weather.
It’s funny because someone else today was all “well the weather’s pretty nasty so I’ll probably go to a museum today.” Which was funny, because it wasn’t really even raining. I mean, it’s completely overcast and a bit cold and all, but there was only a teeny, tiny mist once or twice during the entire time I was outside today. And I am totally okay with that! Knock on wood that this weather continues.

Anyway, those are the thoughts of the evening.


2 thoughts on “The Odds and Ends of Thoughts

  1. You are such a captivating writer. Loved reading about where you are and what you’ve encountered already. Keep it up. Be safe and know I love you.

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