Great Music Shout Out!

So, I was really planning to include one of my favorite poems from Claudia Emerson’s Late Wife collection in my next blog post, but then I watched this video. I’m not really into the whole “promotion” thing – this is my blog, and I like keeping most of the posts pretty focused on what’s going on in my life, personally or creatively. But “No Other Plan” is by a friend of mine, up-and-coming Aussie musician Cam Nacson. Not only did he tour with Ron Pope twice since I’ve been listening to them, but he’s also a super sweet, down-to-earth, and all-around funny guy. He puts on a good show, writes his own music, and his music videos have an artsy, near-vintage flair that I absolutely love. Plus…

that time Cam Nacson screenshotted me

that time he Instagrammed a screenshot thanking everyone who’s already shared his video, and I happened to be in it. Needless to say, I’m fond of this one.

Anyway, Cam dropped the video on YouTube like, today. Have a look/listen and, if you like it, go find him on Facebook or whatnot and give him a shout out!



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