School’s (NOT) Out, Forever!

Sadly. And I’m only part-way kidding. We celebrated our last night before classes began by going out last night (and by last night, I mean Sunday). Went to the only bar here that shows American football and ran into people from two other the Elon WT classes. Small world! It was a good time, there was a crazy American girl flipping out over the Redskins’ loss, and I finally toasted being here, Ireland style.

We met some fun Englishmen and I’m pretty sure the group of us hung around the outside of the bar for at least an hour after it closed. Ridiculous. Got to see my friend Sarah’s beau, who’s on the WWI tour, so that was nice. Realized I definitely talk about Ireland too much…then again, everyone from that trip does, so…I don’t know what to do about that exactly, short of duct tape.

Today was the first day of classes. I only had one, from 5-8 tonight, which was fantastic seeing as we got back to Manson Place around 2 AM. There’s already a bit of homework to do, but our professor seems really chill and great, and I’m splitting books with a flatmate, since apparently our professors thought it’d be easiest just to tell us we had required reading on the day that classes started. (Not cool, people.)

After class and a trip to one of the many grocery stores – all of which are always crowded – I successfully made couscous and sugar snap peas, and had a minor major freakout because some freelance work had completely slipped my mind! But I  did over five hours of work today and am, hopefully, a going to be able to balance that with everything I want to see and do here! I’d definitely like to go to a museum on Wednesday during the day, and probably again Thursday, depending on how long life at the Apple store takes.

NEED to get on planning this trip to Dublin in less than two weeks to see the new WT crew with Claire! Soon…soon.

P.S. Here’s a picture of the street we’re staying on! See the roof, the slant-y bit? Yeah that’s where I live.

the flat


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