So, the tickets are bought and it’s official! I’m going to Ireland with a friend next weekend! We’re heading into Dublin on Friday the 18th – yay! – and coming back the Monday morning after. Getting the tickets have been an absolute pain in the rear. From AM’s request not going through, repeatedly, to both of us being unable to do the online check-in, also repeatedly…I’m seriously questioning using this site again. I’m still a little green to the whole buying plane tickets process, but still! The issues we’ve been having are definitely site issues, not personal ones!

In spite of all that, though, the tickets have been bought. We have train tickets getting us from London to the airport and back, and we’re winging transportation from the Dublin airport into Dublin. We tried to hire a car (which I thought meant we were hiring a cab), except it actually meant hiring a car…as in, to drive myself. So I had to call the rental place and cancel it because, as we all know, I can’t drive here!

Nobody make any comments about how I can’t drive at home, either.

I’m so psyched to go back to Ireland and to see the friends I have on that trip! And – hopefully – to see Enda as well!


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