Oh, the Differences…

Today I discovered possibly the best difference between the UK and the US: at college receptions here, they serve real drinks! We had our FIE welcome reception tonight and got two drink tickets for wine or beer. While the food wasn’t that great – a.k.a. didn’t hold a candle to Elon’s catering – it was nice to get free wine! Also met back up with some friends from different schools that I made on the first day, so that was nice.

Alright, rewind to the beginning of today. I don’t have classes on Thursdays and would, ideally, like to go to a museum or the park (or both) on those days for the first half of the semester. And, you know, I figure I can do important things like laundry too.

But today I had an appointment with the Genius Bar at Apple. For those of you who don’t know, I tried to charge my iPod using an adapter and, well, apparently I just fried it. The good news, though, was that a spiffy, helpful Aussie genius-man (did I use enough adjectives there?) was able to tell me that it was fried, then replace it for half the normal cost. So, new iPod for me! I restored the whole thing and it looks identical to my old one, down to the picture of Irish trees I’ve had set to the background pretty much since Kelsey took it at Glendalough.

That went well, the Tube went well – aside from a minor encounter with a man I’m determined had Tourettes because if not he was simply beyond rude – and I poked around some awesome stores at the mall here! I will say that, as a whole, the clothes are quite a bit smaller than US sizes, which could be interesting if/when I decide to go shopping…

Used bookstores abound and they do have wonderfully old books! I literally had to drag myself away from the shelves today…I just kept telling myself there’s no room in my suitcase, there’s no room in my suitcase! Also, I possibly found my sister’s 18th birthday present, so that’s fun. (Can’t say it here, would spoil the surprise!)

Tomorrow I’ve got my only 9 AM (and on a Friday, too!) but we’re going to the British Museum after…you know, the one that houses everything Britain conveniently decided it wanted from other countries? So that should be insanely cool, and also sad. I think we learned from them, America from Britain. And while I think at first we pulled away from their government, I also think we learned some of the less pleasant societal traits, like taking what isn’t ours and disrespecting people who aren’t like us. Examples: Native Americans, Hawaii, et cetera.

Chew on that, folks!


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