Well it’s been a day!

It’s hour 20 of my day, but the whole thing’s gone by so quickly! We got up INSANELY early to go to Stonehenge and Bath, a day-trip run by our program. Today was the first real day of bad weather that we’ve had as well (i.e. we were walking around outside in the freezing rain for quite some time), but it was still fun!

I was sort of expecting Stonehenge to be more…impressive? They’re actually expanding the visitor’s center, which is good, but right now it’s very much a large pile of rocks in the middle of pastures. The history – or mystery – of Stonehenge is still pretty cool, it was just a sort of “Here it is!” moment that I expected to be more…monumentous?

The wind did not agree with us.

The wind did not agree with us.

Stonehenge, uninterrupted.

Stonehenge, uninterrupted.

The city of Bath was really neat, though! I did not expect it to be so big! There was all this very old architecture and, of course, the bath itself. So we toured that and listened to lots of neat history. (I’m not kidding, it was neat!)

In Bath, at the old Roman Bath.

In Bath, at the old Roman Bath.

We wandered around for a bit trying to find food places with sitting space, but it all worked out eventually. I had one of the best tomato soups I’ve ever had, and we stayed out of the rain by hanging out in the Abbey for a while, which had absolutely stunning architecture! It was very calming and peaceful; they even said a few words of prayer, and to be truthful I teared up a little bit! Old church settings – the beautiful stained glass, the ancient columns, the solemnity of it all – always gets me.

After snoozing all the way back in the coach and taking the most welcome hot shower of my entire life (I do not like being damp for long periods of time), some of us went out to celebrate Veronica’s 21st birthday!

On the Tube to Zonzo's!

On the Tube to Zonzo’s!

Let’s also not forget the moment that Anna and I leapt off the Tube right before the doors closed, leaving the rest of our friends on it.

I also booked my flight to Naples for spring break, as well as the bus and room for Paris tonight, so that was excited or terrifying, depending on how you look at it. That only leaves two more trips that I really, really want to go on, but we’ll see what the situation looks like in a few more weeks, I think!



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