Sorting Laundry

Now, that happens to be the title of a very nice poem by Elisabetta Richie. It also happens to be quite similar to what I’m doing now. Though perhaps throwing everything into the washer and praying it works – after putting three pounds in it, mind you – isn’t quite sorting. Plus some help from the friendly neighborhood handyman, who very nicely pointed out the difference between a washer and a dryer (believe it or not I can figure that part out. I just was struggling a bit with the turning-it-on part.). 

Still, everything from the past nearly two weeks is now being laundered. Us college students abroad can’t afford to be picky; so the jeans bleed a little…eh! At least they’ll be clean! 

One of the downsides of living on the top floor of Manson Place happens to be that the laundry facilities are in the basement. As I’m not exactly fond of running up and down eight flights of stairs to check whether or not it’s done, I’ve decided to camp out in the common room (also, incidentally, in the basement) for the next few hours. 

The beginning of this week has been uneventful on the London, to say the least. I always feel like I’m forgetting something because there really hasn’t been that much homework yet, in any of my classes. I’m so used to spending 6+ hours on the couch doing homework after class that this is a welcome change, but it also feels SO odd! Like I said, I’m entirely certain I’ve forgotten something and am going to walk into a class only to be completely unprepared! Also, the weather’s gotten colder and, as the temperature decreases, so does my desire to go outside! 

Don’t worry parents, I’m still taking lots of opportunities to sight-see while I’m here. And I’m getting increasingly more excited about going to see friends in Dublin this week! 

It’s kind of freezing down here in the basement. I’ve gotten very used to opening my window for a bit upstairs, but down here it is positively frigid! Clearly, with this old British buildings, we’ve just given up working out the kinks of central heating. Though I suppose it’s the same for old American buildings, too. 

The adventures in London continue! 

Cheers, friends!


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