So I started out this morning with the best of intentions. I was going to spend the day at the British Museum soaking up some history, see some art, get a coffee on the way back…standard.

And instead we went to Camden Market/Camden Lock…which was/were AWESOME! Seriously…so many stalls, so many trinkets, so much street food. It was like the biggest, best festival ever, and it’s open every day! It was a little overwhelming so we basically just walked around, soaking it in and taking pictures. But I’m definitely going back to do some shopping! After all, who needs groceries when you can have camera lenses converted into coffee mugs?

I did, however, get a cool Jack Daniels Zippo (Jake/Chris/DJ, are you jealous?) from a vendor guy who seemed nice because he cut the price in half…and then not-so-nice because I didn’t count my change, and he actually charged me full price. Note to self: stop being so trusting. Unfortunately it was really too late to do anything about it once I discovered that, but it has definitely served as a good lesson to check the bills people give back to you!

Tomorrow I am finally Dublin-bound! I can’t wait to see Hannah and Kate, to be back on Irish soil, and to listen to some good ole fashioned Irish trad! Packing tonight and getting ready to head out after class tomorrow.



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