There’ll be an update on the London shenanigans again soon – aka probably tomorrow – but for tonight this will be a brief, maddening, shaking-of-the-head at the absolute idiocy of some people.

Dearest…do not complain about how others treat you when you ignore the people who care about you – aka me – for months at a time and use the excuse “I’m busy with work.” That is called karma. You treat people who love you like shit…it comes back around. So when you say that you deserve better (and this has happened repeatedly, mind you, the complaining FB statuses and the studied lack of a reply on your part), there comes a point when I truly start to question the validity of your statement.

Not saying that I don’t still love you and your flawed, crazy self. Just pointing out some discrepancies and Facebook statuses that drive me up the bleeding wall!

Sometimes, I gotta love karma.


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