The Tower (dum dum DUM)

That’s how it sounded in my head, anyway. SO! We went to the Tower of London this morning for a tour and it was SO cool! That was definitely on the “things I wanted to do here” list, and I thought our tour guide was pretty great. I’d heard about the crows before but man, those puppies (birdies?) are huge! And their beaks…I’m pretty sure if one bit you, you’d lose a finger. But they were neat!

I’m also a huge fan of Henry VIII/Elizabethan history, both of which are pretty much plastered all over the tower, from the statue where Ann Boleyn was executed to Elizabeth’s imprisonment.

Statue of a pillow...representing lots of heads getting chopped off.

Statue of a pillow…representing lots of heads getting chopped off.

I also had my first fish & chips here courtesy of Elon (thanks, Elon!) and it was filling, but nothing spectacular. I’m getting pretty good at cooking pasta on a dime, too. Anyway, after lunch the tour was over, so we spent a good while going in different areas of the Tower and exploring the inside of the wall. Those stairs! I swear I wouldn’t have lived long back then because I really would have fallen down the stairs and broken my neck! But the little rooms inside were so neat! We even saw a replica of what one of the kings’ bedrooms may have looked like when he was using the Tower as a residence. (P.S. The Tower IS actually a royal residence.)

Did you know people still live there? All of the guards (Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders) live there with their families. I couldn’t help but think how absolutely creepy that would be! I mean, it’d be awesome living around so much ancient history – building from 1066, etc. – but a LOT of suffering went down in that place, you know? Also, tourists in and around where you live all the time? That’d also be pretty weird.

I suppose I should also mention that I saw the crown jewels, which was amazing and opulent and just…wow. SO many shiny things! Anddd now I’m going to get off here and go explore London Friday nights!

London Bridge is(n't) falling down, falling down.

London Bridge is(n’t) falling down, falling down.


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