I May After Leaving You Walk Quickly or Even Run – Matthea Harvey

Rain fell in a post-romantic way.
Heads in the planets, toes tucked

under carpets, that’s how we got our bodies
through. The translator made the sign

for twenty horses backing away from
a lump of sugar. Yes, you.

When I said did you want me
I meant me in the general sense.

The drink we drank was cordial.
In a spoon, the ceiling fan whirled.

The Old World smoked in the fireplace.
Glum was the woman in the ostrich feather hat.

This is interesting. With poetry – at least when I’m looking at poetry online – it has to really catch me. Whether it’s the title or the first line, something has to draw me in rather quickly because I’m not a huge fan of reading on screens. And this title…it has humor in it, don’t you think. And I like the first line too, though I’m not even sure what she means by that, rain falling in the post-romantic way. What does post-romantic rain look like? It’s a nice bit, though.

I love the horse and sugar couplet; it’s so unique, and I’ve been around horses enough to get it, to understand what that might mean.

And maybe because I love writing to a “you,” so that’s what I identify with most, I absolutely adored “When I said did you want me / I meant me in the general sense.” It’s so matter-of-fact and good! I quite feel like that sometimes, because I know I love people in a very odd way. And I have the oddest people to thank for helping me figure that one out, too.

Regardless, I should probably make an effort to read more stuff like this and After the Movie, as opposed to, you know, Safe Sex and Red Tricycle. (Sorry for all the tagging, I’m in a bit of a poetry mood.) Because, truth be told, I like the latter two much better, even if they’re on the morbid-y side, and I don’t consider myself a terribly morbid individual. Maybe a bit unstable, but that’s usual for writers, isn’t it?


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