Updates on the London Life

Sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend, loves! I’ve been on the sickish side but am officially back on the up-and-up! I’ve had a weird bad cold/flu-type deal, so I spent all weekend in bed with a pile of tissues, catching up on movies, shows, and sleeping three days away. Literally. I slept until 2:45 this afternoon (which is probably why I’m up at 2:45 AM and not completely snoozing right now.

Tonight some friends and I booked our trip to Edinburgh over Easter weekend and I am SO excited about spending that weekend in Scotland. At first I was definitely a little sad about not going on the potential-trip to Greece with some other girls, but right now I feel like this is definitely the right decision for me. We’ll be staying in a nice hostel RIGHT beside the Edinburgh Castle and one of the girls has already found a free tour into the Highlands, and overall it’s just going to be such a great trip, I just know it! I’m also getting super excited for spring break in Naples, which is really JUST around the corner in 2.5 weeks!

On the agenda for this week are as follows:

-Go back to the park. Take a million pictures.
-Upload said pictures (I suck at this.)
-Eat Chinese food (I’ve really been craving it.)
-Write more.
-Skype the friends and fam!

I know everyone is different, but I just want to let everyone at home know how much it means to me that I can still talk to you. I love being here, but being so far away from the people I love is definitely tough for me, and knowing you’re just a skype call away (and talking, of course) makes being across the ocean a much more fun experience for me!



One thought on “Updates on the London Life

  1. So glad you are feeling better. Thanks for keeping us updated. It’s so neat to read about your adventures. Much love:)

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