“If I didn’t know better (but, baby, I do)…” Addictions to Nashville and actual adventures.

So, the other day one of my flatmates played us a song from this new tv series, Nashville, that she’s obsessed with. The song was pretty good and we got to talking about the show a little bit and, three days later, I am COMPLETELY hooked on this show! It’s such a nice dose of country back in my life after being in London for over a month!

(That’s hard to believe, that I’ve been here for over two months!)

Anyway, great show, everyone should watch it. Now for actual updates on life in London outside of my flat:

Friday night we wanted a casual night out and Hannah, Allison, Jeff, and I ended up at this great pub, Punch and Judy’s, in Covent Garden. I hadn’t been down to that area yet but it was so nice! It had the cobblestone streets I love, and we had a great time laughing and talking and such. Definitely planning to go back there. On a personal note, I really wanted to get out because Boe would have been 21 on Friday, so he’s been on my mind a lot, and especially that night. So thanks to the three who came out and got my mind off of all that, and to Hannah for the drink. It meant a lot.

Saturday we got up bright and early – I’ve been up bright and early all weekend, shocker – and headed to the British Museum, home of the Rosetta Stone and about a billion other treasures. There was so much to see and I will definitely be back! It was so overwhelming…the history of it all. So much history.

Today is actually Chinese New Year, so we headed out to the parade this morning and walked around Chinatown afterwards. There were also some Trafalgar Square festivities, and I don’t think I’ve been down there and seen so many people. We were literally shuffling two inches at a time because everyone was packed in so tightly! In theory we were going to go back out and watch the fireworks tonight, but it was so rainy and nasty all day that we figured they probably won’t be going off anyway. I took a delicious nap and fully plan on being in bed again early tonight.

Today’s rainy-ness has really made me appreciate the clear days we’ve had, or the days when it only rained for a little bit. I just have NO desire to be outside in the rain for hours/have no desire to catch a cold again, both of which have contributed to my laziness this weekend.

I’ve definitely been struggling on the writing front lately. Between blog-writing, recent paper-writing, and work-writing, I’m kind of zapped and haven’t done much on the creative front. I want to, but I haven’t been terribly motivated, and I can’t wait until decisions start coming through for Colonnades, the literary journal at school. *Hopefully* the potential printing of any of my writing in that will give me a much needed kick in the rear to start working on creative things again.


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