“Wait for Me” -Ron Pope

Well, I just strum the chords and sing the words,
It’s probably gonna get much worse
Before the sun decides to shine again.
I turned 23 this past July
And all my dreams, they seem to fly away
For reasons I don’t understand.

This is not the way
That I’d hoped to be
This is not the way

(Chorus) So if you’d wait for me
Come on, wait for me, I’ll try
Maybe we’ll find a simple answer tonight
If you just wait for me, I’ll try

I live to take with no remorse,
I would rather chart a course
To hell than tread too gently as I step.
See my brother’s eyes remember
That we are not the walking dead.
We’re broken but we’re better off like this.
We’re broken but we’re better off like this.

I am not the way
That I’d hoped to be
I am not the way


And I will lose but never compromise,
Always battered by the rolling tide,
Keeping faith won’t set my mind at ease.
I would love to find some restful sleep.

Cause I am not the way
That I’d hoped to be
I am not the way

So if you’d wait for me
Come on, wait for me, I’ll try
Maybe we’ll find a simple answer tonight
If you just wait for me, I’ll try (x3)

I love this song. Honestly, it’s been a week or so since I’ve listened to anything by RP and, if you know of my obsession with his music, you know how strange that is. While I love his music dearly – I think >99.95% of it is incredibly beautiful – I’ve definitely been cutting back on listening to his older stuff. Those albums – Daylight and Goodbye, Goodnight – are wonderful, but hauntingly so, and his newer albums are a lot more upbeat. From what I’ve gathered, it’s because he’s engaged and writing happy love songs as opposed to sad ones, so…good for him.

I don’t really have a good reason for why I keep scrolling past his name on my iPod, other than the fact that listening to him makes me kind of moody. Self-sufficient and moody, but still…you know, the kind of moody where you clam up and don’t want to talk to anyone? Yep, that kind. Which is really an unfortunate way to be, as the people around you can often take those sort of signs personally, and I’d hate that. But when you’re in those moods you don’t exactly feel like explaining yourself, you know?

Back to “Wait for Me”…someone I care very much about once loved this song. I suppose that’s why it’s on my mind tonight. It’s funny…four years ago, a boy who loved me once sang “A Drop in the Ocean,” to me, and that was kind of our thing, and I’ve shared RP with so many people since then. I’ve cared quite a lot about some of them. But when I think about all the music and all the memories associated with it, aside from those high school nights sitting in my car and talking and singing, the ones that stand out to me most are the ones associated with this song. More than any of the RP concerts I’ve been to, more than the fact that we (RP and I, we’re friends, nbd) have the same harmonica necklace, more than anything else…this song.

Driving down I-40 before heading off to college and being told how much someone loved the lines, Well I turned 23 this past July and all my dreams they seem to fly away. Talking about how hard it is to actually find “simple answers,” but really, really wanting everything to be simple. Waking up in different towns and thinking of this song.

Good memories.

adore the second verse. (And I say that after really careful consideration about how I pretty much love all the verses and all the choruses and all the bridges of RP’s songs. More on that later.) But…I would rather chart a course to hell than tread too gently as I step?? I LOVE THAT. Way to sum up both how I feel about the whole “living life and following God” thing and about, oh, just everything in general. This is why I can’t write creatively and listen to RP at the same time, because I just want to steal all his lines and that is both socially and morally not-cool. I could literally do this for every single song he’s written, go line by line and revel in the awesomeness.

But I won’t because y’all probably don’t want to read about my eargasms / then I really wouldn’t get any creative writing done; RP’s written a lot of songs!

On the “how much I love and adore this man’s music” note, aside from my dearest friends and exes all knowing about my obsession, the following happened the other night: I dreamt that I’d written to RP about loving a lyric in some song and why I just absolutely thought it was awesome and, not only did he reply, but he’d read some of my poetry and was all, “hey, I think we should write songs together.” So I flew to Paris and we wrote songs and it was magical.

Unfortunately, then I woke up and was decidedly not in Paris writing songs with my favorite musician ever. But I was still in London. So that’s still kind of cool.

On the upside, I’ve now been thinking potentially about how one gets into the songwriting side of the music industry, because that could be interesting and fun and I think I might even be good at it.

Sidenote: This was probably one of the most spastic posts I’ve written in a reallyyyy long time, all more or less connected by this song. Oops. Thanks for hanging in there through lyrics/moodiness/loves/analysis/dreams/and potential career path musings.



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