“Warmer weather brings fighting…”

So much has happened today. So much has happened, period. Some good, wonderful even…some not. And I’m reminded, in all of it, that life just keeps rolling forward.

I haven’t done a ton of exploring this week simply because it’s been midterms/finals and I’m preparing to spend a week and a half in and around Napoli with one of my favorite people. Today was my last test, which I actually think I did pretty well on, so now I just have class Friday and a plane out early early Saturday morning. Since class wasn’t until five this evening, I went to AthertonCox, a hairdressing academy, for a nice haircut before spring break. Between the harsh water, the cold, and the wind here (not to mention the fact that I didn’t buy the hairdryer with a diffuser, oops), my mane’s been getting a bit out of hand lately. My stylist guy, James, was awesome and quiet, and it may have been an early morning but the whole experience was pretty nice.

Back at the apartment, I got an email from Jeremiah Walton of Nostrovia! Poetry. He’s got a pretty neat blog and, when I submitted a poem to one of his contests a while back, he’d reached out about re-blogging it on his site! So today he put it up there, and I am quite excited about it! If any of y’all are looking for another good poetry blog, go check him out!

Not only did that awesome thing happen, but I finally got my package from my parents (total blame here is placed on the darn postal service and strange taxation processes I don’t understand). However, getting the goodies meant that I was able to partially fix my favorite pair of boots…SIDENOTE: funny story. Not content to simply walk the soles off from the ground up, (twice!) I’ve actually worn the entire inside of those shoes out! Guess that’s what hiking the Irish countryside and the London cityscape will do to some shoes. So now I’m hoping some Dr. Scholls will hold the poor things together. I’m seriously debating about leaving the shoes here because of suitcase weight/the fact that they probably need to retire, but they’ve got a lot of sentimental value! Those things climbed the Irish cliffs! And will shortly be going to Italy and France.

…yeah. Don’t think I’ll be throwing those puppies away.

Also, package from the parents meant that dinner tonight consisted of hot cocoa, Valentine’s Day chocolate, and a chocolate granola bar. And it was AWESOME. Not even ashamed of it.

On the downside of life-events, I stole the title of this post from an email conversation with a friend stationed in Afghanistan. It makes me worry. Even though he says he’s being safe…I worry, it’s what I do, we’ve all talked about it before and everybody knows it. Anyway, as much as I hate that there’s fighting, and that someone I care about is there (I am selfish, if I’m being honest then it matters a lot more to me when my people are there), that phrase struck me enough to want to remember. “Warmer weather brings fighting [weather].”

Warmer weather brings fighting. There’s change in that. There’s movement in that statement, regardless of who or what it’s said about. As much as it scares me, I still think it’s kind of beautiful.

And, regardless of how many times I am told not to worry, reassured you’re being safe (which I do appreciate, by the way)…warmer weather brings fighting. Be safe.


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