Insane and Peaceful

Saturday in Firenze was such a busy day! In a really good way. Sam and I actually succeeded in getting up fairly early and went to his favorite espresso place for coffee and pastries before meeting Amy to go right outside the city somewhere. I think it was called Fiesole, the place we went. We climbed up a very long, very uphill road to one of Sam’s favorite places and just hung out, taking in the view and taking pictures. The view was PHENOMENAL, by the way. My pictures don’t quite do it justice; it was a hazy day, but it was still so beautiful! Continue reading

Amalfi via trans-alp

We’d been riding down the Amalfi Coast for the better part of an hour when I started craving espresso. Clearly Matt was thinking the same thing because, when we rounded one of those turns that seemed too sharp to even exist and a mosaic-ed storefront popped into view, he steered onto the narrow side of the highway and parked the bike. Continue reading