And then we climbed Vesuvius.

That’s right: the volcano that exploded and covered an entire city: we climbed to the top of that thing on Wednesday. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We started Wednesday morning by trying out cornetto i baba, as well as the espresso, at yet another cafe before heading to Sulftara, this volcano/park with huge, active sulfur vents. It was a balmy 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit there and the smell! Goodness. Still, it was neat, and Matt got some wicked photos, but we ran into this huge group of French schoolkids so we left pretty soon after that to head to Mount Vesuvius.

Now, my sense of time is screwed up five ways to Sunday here, but we were on that volcano for a long time. Namely because the path was on at least a 45 degree angle. Oh, and there was snow on Vesuvius. Once at the top you can walk almost all the way around it, which was pretty neat. Again, awesome photos. Also met a very nice Australian couple and their grandson, and we did the last third of the way up to the top with them. They actually have family in Charlotte, NC! It’s such a small world. So that happened, and we had a good time, and I felt pretty darn accomplished. I mean, I think that’s a pretty cool thing to have done, hiking to the top of that volcano.

So after that we headed down to Pompeii but, sadly, were about half an hour too late to get in the gates. I saw a bit of the city, but hey! I’m still pretty happy about the whole hiking bit, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Our eating schedule is definitely not Italian because somehow we keep getting hungry while everyone’s taking their long afternoon nap. We headed to this restaurant with a fantastic view of Vesuvius and had absolutely amazing, stereotypical Neapolitan pizza and  house red (I think I might be getting the hang of red wine, maybe). NOMS. Even though we came in when literally no one else was in the restaurant, they still didn’t have a problem accommodating us and were really nice about it. Sidenote: Matt speaking Italian is probably the only reason for their cooperation with our lack of conformity to Italian eating schedules.

I want to write about yesterday and all of its awesomeness: think palace gardens, the most amazing meal, and zipping through city streets on the trans-alp, but we’re off to a mozzarella/limoncello tour in Sorrento SOON and I have to run!



One thought on “And then we climbed Vesuvius.

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures. So glad you are having fun. Love the stories. Thanks so much for sharing. Love ya lots.

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