Caserta Palace Gardens

Thursday started off with a trip on the trans-alp to Caserta, which has an amazing palatial garden space. Matt brought his camera and took some amazing photos of the fountains, grounds, everything. So neat!

It was a pretty leisurely walk, and we had a nice talk while up there, which I really enjoyed. The palace wasn’t actually much to see and by 2 PM we were both starving, so we headed out to find any open restaurants.

Sidenote: throughout this entire trip we kept trying to eat while the Italians had their siesta, resulting in some really interesting searches for open restaurants. We zipped through Caserta and settled on a nice looking hole-in-the-wall that, typically, didn’t have a single soul in it! Again, thank goodness for Matt’s Italian skills because the proprietor, a middle-aged Italian man, was happy to accommodate us. We ordered pastas and wine but this wonderful gentleman decided to treat us like family and, before our main courses came, brought out three huge plates of mozzarella di bufala (the best mozz in the entire world), roasted eggplant, and prosciutto and olives. According to Matt, he said, “for the beautiful lady,” which of course made my day. Our pastas were also fantastic, and afterwards the lovely man treated us to deserts, espresso, and limoncello. Aside from some really awesome pizza, this was probably the best meal I had the entire time I was in Italy, and I loved having the whole restaurant to ourselves! We cut up and had a good time, and I didn’t feel bad because we were speaking English, as opposed to Italian.

After that, we drove back into downtown Napoli because Matt wanted to show me Christmas Alley, where it literally is Christmas all year long. We walked around that area of the city until nightfall and had cafe del nonno, or a shot of the best frappucino every, essentially, before taking off and riding all around the city. It’s been such an adventure, getting used to the motorcycles, and Matt driving like the Italians do! I don’t think I’ve had as much of an adrenaline rush, ever, as I have had over the course of the past week. We eventually headed down towards to water and had gelato at this place Matt knew overlooking the water and Vesuvius. Again, yum!

We knew we had to get up early Saturday for the mozzarella/limoncello tour in Sorrento, so we hit the sack early Friday night (the drive on the trans-alp took about an hour and a half the next day) but it was totally worth it!


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