And then Murphy’s Law happened…

I’ll fill in the gaps between today and last week later, but right now we need to talk about my amazingly difficult transportation issues today en route from Napoli back  to London.

Everything started off well; Matt and I stopped for espresso and baba before the airport, but I was there with plenty of time to spare. After boarding the plane, however, everything managed to run downhill…

First we sat on the…whatever you call it…for ever and a day. And I hadn’t eaten lunch…literally had a shot of coffee and some rum-soaked cake in my stomach. I didn’t think that out very well.

So I got to London Gatwick and through customs (after they asked me a million questions about what I was doing here) and to the train station. Except there were way more train options than I thought there would be, so I asked a nice airport employee for help. I don’t exactly know what happened, but I know that I got on the train he told me to get on and that train was NOT headed where I needed to go. So I eventually realized this and hopped off near St. Paul’s Cathedral to find the nearest Tube stop, only to discover that my Oyster card had been damaged in the “all my things fly off the motorcycle” adventure last week. I then get fussed at by the Tube station employee, but he manages to fix it for me and, after a decent delay, I make it to my normal Tube stop.

So then, like a normal tired and hungry student, I stop at the grocery store since I know I have no food at our apartment. Then my broken license causes issues with the buying of wine (again, eventually the nice employee gives me a break) but it takes a while, and I lug all my stuff up the six flights of stairs I haven’t missed AT ALL.

Sidenote: my front door key won’t work but I brush that off. THEN my key to my bedroom won’t work. Darn that Italian highway! So I am locked out of my bedroom and I call our school people to ask for help, only to be told that I have fifteen minutes to get to another building where the key people are before they close at five.

Thanks A LOT, school people, running through the city is exactly what I wanted to do after traveling all day.

Thankfully, the key guy was nice enough to give me a new bedroom door key without making me pay for it – my bright red face and the fact I looked like I might burst into tears any nanosecond might have had something to do with that – and I told him my other key might not work but that we could deal with that tomorrow.

(See above: it definitely doesn’t work.)

Anyway, finally made it into my own room, very heated and very hungry. Ate a caprese sandwich and nommed on some wine because this IS my European comfort food, and am currently trying to figure out relatively inexpensive transport into Florence, Italy in a few weeks.

Pictures and more details on the rest of the Italian adventure soon!



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