The Amalfi Coast, and Roma

Imagine driving down a road that hugs the edge of a cliff. Not briefly, but for miles and miles. It travels through little towns and villages, but the breathtaking view doesn’t change much, even as it continues to amaze you. This is the Amalfi Coast.

We drove down to Sorrento on the trans-alp Friday morning and toured an artisan mozzarella factory and a place than made limoncello, sampling their products and going through the process. I even braided some mozzarella! After the tours we took off through Sorrento until we caught up with the coastline and just drove. We must have driven south down the coast for at least two hours. At first, I was SO nervous. The Amalfi Coast is littered with hairpin turns and steep hills, and is probably as dangerous as it is beautiful. Matt’s driven it a bunch, though, and he talked me into relaxing enough that I learned how to be a lot better at riding the bike.

We saw miniatures of the towns nestled into the cliffs, passed through clouds, looked over the islands littering the coast, and stopped for espresso at least twice before eventually jumping on the highway and heading back north to Napoli. When we climbed off the bike back at Matt’s apartment, I did not expect to be as sore as I was! Even now, my legs still hurt from holding onto the sides of the bike. We cooked dinner in the apartment that night and I made brownies, which promptly got demolished. Planning to catch a train to Rome Saturday morning, we watched Star Trek and fell asleep.

Unfortunately…we missed the first train to Rome and got stuck on another one which ended up being nearly an hour and a half late. Finally in Rome, we did some of the major sites (not all, but a lot of them). They included:

-The Roman Forum
-The Coliseum
-The Trevi Fountain
-The Pantheon
-The Vatican
-The Spanish Steps

and potentially more but I lost the ability to think around mile marker 12. My feet have never hurt this bad in my ENTIRE life. Matt said we probably walked fifteen miles and, after we saw the Vatican, we ended up catching a bus that dropped us somewhere near the train station, where we had a good meal and headed back to Napoli.

Aside from the amazing sights (and the AMAZING pictures Matt took), I had this awesome “small world” moment when I ran into some friends at the Pantheon.

Sam snapped a pictures of me when we caught up at the Pantheon.

Sam snapped a picture of me when we caught up at the Pantheon.

They’re studying in Florence this semester and were in Rome for the weekend. We just happened to bump into each other, and getting a hug from my friend Sam absolutely made my day. I’m planning to try to see them in a few weeks, now, because I want to go spend time with them and because I really want to experience Tuscany.


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