An Amazing Opportunity Through TOMS

I love, love, love shoes. It’s a serious problem. I have more than I ought and every year or so I go through them just to get rid of/donate the ones I don’t need/wear/want. And somehow I still keep buying more…

About four years ago I discovered this awesome company called TOMS. It was still small back then, only producing patterns in very limited quantities, and they only made shoes then. But I fell in love with the way they gave back to the community. TOMS operates on a very simple, one-for-one principle: you buy a pair of shoes, they give a pair to a child in need.


Now, they’re definitely a for-profit company and they’ve been able to expand into selling clothes, accessories, and glasses (buy a pair of glasses, give sight to someone in need), which I think is awesome. I love the idea of companies, normal, for-profit companies, channeling such a clear-cut sort of plan for giving back. I just think that’s awesome.

And I probably have ten pairs of TOMS (which I shamelessly wear and rep any chance I get).

SO, when I found out that TOMS was running this contest opportunity called Ticket to Give to go on a Giving Trip – where, you know, you actually get to give people shoes! – I decided it was something I’d really, really love to do. The rules are simple: you create a TOMS flag with pictures and a phrase representing what this opportunity to help others means to you, write a short little essay about it, and ask people to vote for your flag! The top 50 flags/people are then selected to go on a Giving Trip and help people around the globe!

So, I’ve made a flag. It is here, and I would be forever grateful if you would vote to give me the chance to go on a Giving Trip! You can vote here, or in the link below, but you can only vote once, so if you don’t mind sharing it with family and friends or anyone who’s generally interested in awesome stuff like this, I would really, really appreciate it! Lots of love!


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