Happy Notes & Elon Friends

The past few days have been…really interesting. I know life is going to pick up, but it still doesn’t seem quite real. I’m not exactly sure what to do with myself during the day! Right now I’m working on my conference paper and trying to figure out the following:

1. What that should even look like

2, What sources I’m still looking for

3. How to access WorldCat to find the libraries here with said sources

Your university is all, “We have a VPN! It works! You can access our online databases from anywhere!” LIES.

Oh, study abroad adventures and incredibly first world problems.

Anyway, today I got to see not one but THREE friends from my university, two by happenstance and one by planning. Claire, a friend from my study abroad program last year, is studying in France and came to visit London as part of her spring break, so some of us got together at a pub close to our apartments to catch up. It was SO nice, and we’re all talking about where we’re going and where we’ve been. I’m so struck by how lucky and how blessed we all are, to be exploring the world like this when we’ve only got a foot in our twenties. We may come back broke, with crazy stories, and at least one tale of disaster, but man…we get to do this.

Today was also catch-up day: I finished getting new keys, got one of my student IDs replaced, and bought a Canon to replace my old camera! I’m kind of psyched about that last bit because I’ve been wanting one and saying how I’m going to get a decent camera for at least two years now. Online shopping makes spending money SO much dangerously easier! Click click…done.

But it’ll be here in time by next week AND I really only have 6 more weeks here! How crazy is that??

I want to be everywhere all at once! I love being here but I also love being home, close to family and old friends. So the next month and a half is going to be great, but I’m also definitely looking forward to this summer. On the agenda for my last undergraduate summer (besides, you know, the research and the grad school prep stuff) is…

1. Go up to the Whee for a weekend to hang out with Jas and the guys.

2. Go down to SC to see Mimi & Papa, my paternal grandparents.

3. Hang out with the aunt & uncle and check out Hollins.

4. Potential trip to Annapolis, MD??

5. Turn 21. Celebrate appropriately (and see the friend currently in Afghanistan).

SO…basically the next couple months are jam-packed full of awesomeness. And I’m pretty sure senior year will be, as well.

And now I will attempt to sleep at a normal-ish hour in this howling metropolis. Tomorrow, writing must be done. Laundry must be washed. And pub crawls must be…creeped? crawled? drunk?



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