Museum Days…

After a rousing warm beginning to last week, London has officially changed it’s mind and become glacial again. As in I woke up to gale-force winds and a small blizzard outside. It was 61 degrees Fahrenheit last week! (Whaddup, NC? I think think London wants to be friends.)

Anyway, in spite of the cool temperatures I ventured out to the Tate Modern today. Let me tell you, walking across a bridge and down the riverfront in this wind was no picnic! It was still really pretty, though, and I must have gone out at a weird time because there weren’t nearly as many people in the streets as I would have expected. It was nice, and a little quiet, but maybe that’s just me getting used to the city’s constant movement.

Unfortunately, the Tate Modern was anything BUT quiet. Monday must be some kind of kid’s school day there because there were SO MANY CHILDREN. From multiple schools, by the looks of their little uniforms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like kids (sometimes). But I do not like my kids loud and running around my modern art museums. I’m talking about yelling, screaming, running up and down the six floors of escalators, kids. I don’t think I liked kids like that when I WAS a kid, for that matter. (In the words of my grandfather, “You went from four to fifteen. You never acted like that.”)

After seriously debating about leaving then and there, I decided I might as well stay rather than heading back into the cold. And my conclusion is that the Tate Modern is a very interesting place. I definitely don’t understand everything that’s in there, and I really appreciated the nice little plaques that explained what the artists were going for. One cool installation was a collection of photographs OF older photographs, which I thought was neat. I liked that; I understood that. The way the light reflected off the original pictures, the idea of viewing everything through lenses upon lenses…I get that. I’m not entirely sure if that’s what the artist was going for, but that’s what it made me think of, and I liked that.

Nearby, outside the Tate, there was a small gallery of watercolors called Bankside. Now that was peaceful! It was quiet, and all the watercolors were part of a collection by different artists of Malta, and they were so beautiful! It was clearly a really intimate gallery, and it was such a nice find! Some of the paintings reminded me of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, which made me miss Italy. I am SO glad to be going back to Italy next week (though admittedly Tuscany will probably be much colder than Campania)!

So that’s all for now, I suppose! Only 6 more weeks before this amazing adventure comes to a close!


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