The British Library (AKA my new BFF)

YOU GUYS. The British library has 6 (SIX! SIX!) of the seminal sources I’ve been searching for my research on Redmond O’Hanlon! How awesome is that?!

It’s too late to head over there today; by the time I got there with the appropriate paperwork and IDs, it’d really be too late to get started. But I was able to register today and request all of materials, so tomorrow I plan to get up bright and early, jump on the Piccadilly Line, and go make friends with the librarians! So far people have been really helpful: the gentlemen at the Kensington Central Library were nice and found the one book I needed there (lovely quiet space with WiFi, I might go back there again), and the security guy at King’s College seemed pretty apologetic when he had to tell me I couldn’t get in the library without registering. Oops. 

So here I am in Caffe Nero. Ideally I’ll be finishing a good working draft of my Powerpoint and presentation for the Paris conference today. I’m meeting a friend from high school for drinks in Covent Garden – crazy how far we’ve come! – later, and I’ve got blogs to write for work-work tonight as well. (Sign of my youth that I delineate school-work and work-work by referring to them as such?)

Life’s speeding by! Ciao!


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