Weekend Adventures

The past few days have gone by so quickly! I spent all of Friday in the British Library, digging through very old books and deciphering words printed on semi-transparent paper. And I am completely serious when I say that was so much fun! Exhausting, but fun.

However, poring over four-hundred year old papers can really take it out of you, so I spent Friday night in, skyping friends, doing some work, and sipping tea while watching two of my favorite TV shows. Saturday rolled around and Maggie and I had a fun day planned: Borough Market explorations and lunch followed by photography adventures. The steady rain for the past several days ultimately delayed our artsy photo time (which will be rescheduled later on), but the Borough Market was so much fun!


We tried lots of cheese, breads, and olive oil before settling on a delicious game (venison and wild boar) sandwich for lunch. There was also dessert – banoffee pie for Mags and Bailey’s cheesecake for me – followed by a yummy mulled pear cider.

Like I said, we called it a day because of the rain, but I ended up back out to run some errands. I now have a working international phone again, yay! And, of course, because I’m a nerd and have a conference presentation in three weeks, I spent Saturday night doing work as well. And watching Bloody Sunday in honor of Ireland’s day Sunday. (Sidenote: WATCH BLOODY SUNDAY!)

Sunday we got up early and went to Trafalgar Square, where there was a big St. Patrick’s Day festival set up. There was also a parade, and Guinness, and traditional Irish music (cue the fangirl in me. I’m officially an Irish music fangirl.).


Mackenzie and I ate at a pub and, after listening to some more music and watching the parade in the rain, headed back to the flats to nap and drink tea. Power naps were followed by celebrating St. Patty’s Day the Irish way…drinks at pubs! About eight of us pub-hopped near our apartments and had such a good time laughing and hanging out! It was definitely the proper way to end the day.

This morning was tourist central; Mackenzie and I headed out to hit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross, Abbey Road, and the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park. We took adorable pictures at the first two places, but the downpour changed our minds about walking through the muddy park! We’ll be going back to the statue, and to 221B Baker Street, sometime in the near and hopefully sunny future!


Clearly the back of my shirt does not know how to behave itself!

IMG_0039 IMG_0044


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