Amalfi via trans-alp

We’d been riding down the Amalfi Coast for the better part of an hour when I started craving espresso. Clearly Matt was thinking the same thing because, when we rounded one of those turns that seemed too sharp to even exist and a mosaic-ed storefront popped into view, he steered onto the narrow side of the highway and parked the bike.

After we dismounted and I’d gone through the routine of taking that enormous motorcycle helmet off (visor up, remove glasses, undo straps, and pull on the thing, hoping not to pull out any hair), I was better able to look around. I can’t remember what the shop was called, but the front of it was beautifully decorated with brilliant blue, white, and orange mosaic tiles. “They’re destroying the wall,” Matt said of the workers putting up a sign, and knocking a fairly deep hole in the wall. I don’t know why, but I found that funny.

One of the many great things about Italy is that there are espresso bars in the most unlikely places…or, perhaps, that there is in fact no unlikely place for an espresso bar in Italia. We wandered around this store, which seemed to have been built into the cliff and was much larger than it initially appeared. Being me, I gawked at a lot of pretty glass and shiny things. Matt seemed a bit confused why, if I liked it so much, I didn’t get something, though I explained that blown glass and I would not travel well. I’m sure there would have been very pretty shards all over my suitcase if I had decided to bring some home!

In the very back of the store there was – of course – an espresso bar, where we had slightly larger cups of espresso before climbing back on the bike and continuing our trip down the coast. As I swung my leg over the back, Matt offered to get his camera out so I could take pictures as we drove. As nice as the idea was, I turned it down (me + professional camera + moving vehicle = disaster), which is why I don’t really have many pictures of that particularly amazing day. I wish I could show you all the darling miniatures of the villages, nestled in the cliffs before you rounded the bend to each little city, or the way it looked riding with a huge cliff on one side and a drop to the sea on the other.

It was breathtaking.


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