Insane and Peaceful

Saturday in Firenze was such a busy day! In a really good way. Sam and I actually succeeded in getting up fairly early and went to his favorite espresso place for coffee and pastries before meeting Amy to go right outside the city somewhere. I think it was called Fiesole, the place we went. We climbed up a very long, very uphill road to one of Sam’s favorite places and just hung out, taking in the view and taking pictures. The view was PHENOMENAL, by the way. My pictures don’t quite do it justice; it was a hazy day, but it was still so beautiful!



We ended up walking all over Fiesole, into several chapels, and around some Roman ruins. (Cool stuff!) Amy had work to do and wanted to hang out in the sunshine, so Sam and I went back into Firenze to have amazing pizza. I’m pretty sure we waited for an hour, but it was totally worth it! And we found another good cafe while we were waiting, so that was also cool. We wandered around the San Lorenzo market and several piazzas, making room for gelato. Definitely had the best, most dark chocolate gelato ever at this little place called Neri.

I’m getting better at Italian, too. I still can’t speak it all that well, but I can order a coffee and pastries, or ask for something, and say a few other phrases. Which I just think is too cool!

Anyway, after gelato we walked up to the piazzale Michelangelo, which has a bronze cast of the David and a beautiful, beautiful view of part of the city.

New desktop background, definitely.

New desktop background, definitely.

It was just…oh my goodness. I was seriously debating whether or not it was worth it beforehand, and it totally was! There were also a group of musicians up at the top, and we watched the sunset while listening to this gypsy-folk kind of music that both Sam and I really like. It was SO much fun! By the time it got dark we were hungry again and, knowing we were going clubbing later that night, decided to save some money and cook at the apartment. Sam made this fabulous Roman pasta dish with lots of black pepper and cheese. I made mimosas. Kyle came home and we all ate together, chatted about life, and had an all-around good time getting ready to go out.

That night at Space was definitely the most fun night of clubbing I’ve ever had. Thanks to some awesome connections, we got in VIP and had a nice, glass-enclosed sitting area as well as an elevated part of the dance floor. And the people I was with were absolutely awesome. SUCH a fun night.

Sunday we were lazy, sleeping in and chatting (Tyler was in Sicily so Kyle, Sam, and I just hung out all day). Around 6 PM I decided it would be a good idea to take a shower, and Sam and I went out to eat at El Gato, which turned out to be an absolutely amazing Italian restaurant and the perfect meal to end Italy round 2!

Sam and I actually hung out more this weekend that we did at Elon in the past…year and a half. Which is positively sad. Walking to the bus station Monday morning, we promised to be way better at being friends next year. Because it’s our last year (AHHHHH).


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