Crazy, happy, and utterly unashamed.

Easter morning in Edinburgh was the strangest Easter I’ve ever had, simply because I’ve always been at home. In a hostel room with nine other girls, there were no Easter baskets, no family coming over to dye eggs. So it felt very…different, to be honest. Very different.

I meant to go to church at a cathedral followed by brunch with some of the girls, but my first headache in a while changed my mind. There was a lovely little Episcopal church right beside the hostel, so I slept in for a while before getting up and walking a few meters over to their door. The service was quite long, but nice. I haven’t been to many church services while I’ve been abroad (though I was wandered through lots and lots of churches), so it felt good to attend an actual service.

Afterwards, several members of the congregation invited me downstairs for coffee and cake but, as I still wanted to meet the girls, I had to decline. We met at a lovely restaurant with a vintage feel called Spoon and brunched on banana almond pancake (so good) and tea served in unique, vintage cups and teapots. It was exactly my cup of tea! Unfortunately, afterwards most of the others had to go work on papers – absolutely NO fun! – but I wandered around a used bookstore, picking up a collection of Yeats, and around the city for a while before going back to our hostel. Everybody was camped out in the “posh lounge” (actually the name of one of the lounges) and the internet room because the service was better there, and I ended up falling asleep on one of the couches for a few hours! When I woke up, we discussed dinner plans, and Maddy and I went to check out some of the street vendors before meeting the rest of the girls at Biddy Mulligan’s.

We had the best time at Biddy’s! The seven of us girl cut up and played cards after dinner (a delicious bean burger and chips) and, in a revised version of Kings, I was nominated as “Most likely to marry someone at least ten years my senior,” and “most likely to get arrested/deported while abroad,” which cracked me up. It also got me thinking about how much I’ve changed since, well, high school I suppose. How much has changed since then, period.

Anyway, dinner lasted for hours so we headed back to the hostel afterwards, got showers, and packed for the morning since we’d be checking out before going on our Hairy Coo Tour. Unfortunately, someone pulled the fire alarm at 4 AM! We were all so startled and groggy, muttering expletives and we grabbed coats and shoes. We weren’t really sure what was going on – the whole hostel didn’t really know what was going on – and by the time we got out of our room the hallway and stairwell were full of other guests in various states of undress. A few minutes later, one of the guys who worked the desk came out shouting that someone pulled the alarm, they were going to throw that person out, and for the rest of us to go back to bed.

Ooph. So the rude awakening was less than fun, but it definitely justified my large Starbucks coffee and chocolate muffin before getting on the Hairy Coo bus, Dolly!

Hairy Coo tours are actually this awesome, tip based tour system. Our guide, Donald, took us to castles, through the Scottish highlands, and to visit several hairy coos, or adorable hairy cows!

This is Heather, the Hairy Coo.

This is Heather, the Hairy Coo.

Aren’t they the cutest?


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