Springtime in Paris

Well, it’s a bit warmer here than in London, folks, but not by much. When I got here yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful outside (and train-customs is so much easier than plane-customs). 

I took my first ride in a taxi because, well, I just wasn’t feeling trying to decipher the French metro. My goodness taxis are expensive! I can’t help but wonder what the profit margin on that business is. I feel like it’s not enormous, but…anyway.

I’m in the tiniest little room and bathroom up a super tight spiral staircase (so glad I didn’t attempt to bring my big rolling suitcase), but it’s private and it’s mine. The door has a good lock. You know, it’s the little things.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon wandering around the section of the city in which I’m staying and finding my conference center. Paris is quiet, or at least it was on Sunday. It was nice. Peaceful.

This morning, I headed over to the conference hotel with plenty of time to spare, on the off-chance I would get lost/turned around/confused, but I arrived almost a full hour ahead of schedule and sipped some yummy espresso while looking over my notes (definitely going to miss espresso back home). The conference started with a welcome and a slightly late keynote speaker and, for whatever reason, the powers that be informed me that I had volunteered to “chair” a few other presentations. Basically, I sat up beside people and introduced them, timed their speeches, and asked for questions. Still, kind of freaky because 85% of the people at the conference were easily twice as old as I am. I’m not sure ‘nervous’ even really cut it.

My presentation did go really well, though! I made friends with an Australian woman and attempted to help with some technical difficulties without much success, so we had to find Rose, the academic coordinating the whole thing.

I was also mistaken for the person with power (maybe did a little too well at faking not being nervous) by an angry Russian woman when the person who was supposed to present after her went ahead and began. So then I almost got yelled at, so I had to go get Rose to fix things (again) and used that as my timely exit. Woo!

I was planning on walking to the Eiffel Tower today but the forecast said rain all afternoon (it lied, by the way), so I decided to explore closer to my hostel instead. I stumbled upon some pretty nifty little gardens, watched the pigeons chase each other…it was a fun time!

Tomorrow we’re going to Monet’s gardens…so excited!


One thought on “Springtime in Paris

  1. Wow…confidence is communicated with no regard to language barriers. I am so proud of you. Tell Monet hi from me.love mom

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