It’s Saturday, the second to last one before I fly back across the great big pond. I’ve got the itch for writing again, but I don’t know what for…been reading some old poems I like in vain attempts to spark some creativity which, while fun, it’s really doing much. So I figured I’d tell you about my day instead…

Today was officially London Tourism Day! For MacKenzie and I, at least. The morning was pretty and we were off to an early start with a walk through Kensington Gardens to pay a visit to Peter Pan, my favorite impulsive boy. It’s almost spring here in London, finally, so it was nice to see the flowers begin to bloom and all the people out with their dogs!

"All children, except one, grow up."

“All children, except one, grow up.”

Our next stop was an utterly tourist-oriented store for souvenirs for the parents and siblings (just you wait!). That place…I have never seen so much British paraphernalia crammed into one space. Anyway, it was a hoot – and reasonable, which is always a plus – and it was fairly simple to get in and out quickly before hopping back on the tube for my favorite place, Camden Town!

I must have been out to the Camden markets a half dozen times this semester, but this was the first time on a Saturday and, wow, was it crowded! So many people, so many vendors…it was great! We stopped by Starbucks for my much-needed caffeine fix (I cannot go from three espressos a day to no coffee cold turkey) and stumbled upon this great band playing on the walkway! The King’s Parade were pretty spiffy, had a nice sound, and EPs were only two pounds (so of course I got one). Very nice up-and-coming guys from York. 

When the guys took a set break, Mack and I wandered into the market and may have gone a bit crazy (well, one of us did). But the plus side of that is, if you do it all in one place, you get really great deals! I am all set and finished with the buying of momentos, which will also be doubling as clean clothes for the week, woo!

After the craziness of Camden Town we headed back into central London for lunch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, the oldest pub in all of London. Incidentally, it’s also on Fleet Street, as in the demon barber of, so that’s cheery. Unfortunately, after wandering all through the very strangely laid out interior, we couldn’t find two actual seats to sit in, so we elected to find another pub. It didn’t take long to find The Tipperary – as in, “it’s a long way from…” – which is the oldest Irish pub outside of Ireland! (Doing all sorts of historical things today, we were.) Anyway, The Tipperary was much quieter and less crowded, so there wasn’t any hassle ordering typical pub fare. We had just started getting a bit curious as to what was taking our grub so long when the lady who took our order popped over, apologized for the delay, and gave us free drinks for the wait! When our burgers and chips did finally arrive, they were delicious! Needless to say, great meal at a great place and I am so glad we got to explore both places.

The two of us, stuffed as we were, got on the Tube back to our apartments and promptly finished our day of fun with naps! Yay naps! 

Today also happens to be my little sister’s senior prom, so I’ve been hanging out with the computer, watching when I can. The parents have very generously been toting a laptop around with my floating head. She looks so pretty! It has been such a great day here in London-town, but I just really wish I had that teleporting thing down so I could have seen her all snazzed up in person! Last year I went home for the weekend and hung out pretty much the entire time, even hauling a couple guy friends back to my house when our hanging out ran late (I didn’t want to miss her getting home!). And tonight I missed almost everything. *cue sad face here*

But…I’ll be home before long. She’s having a great time. The next week here is going to be phenomenal on so many levels. Tomorrow I have fun plans, I’m seeing Rob Bell (a controversial Christian author and paster, and altogether a nice sort human being), Wednesday we have fancy dinner with the rest of the Elon students here, and Friday I finally get to see Les Mis!

In the meantime, if you happen to see the Muse, send her/him/it over my way, will you?

Love from London,


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