Now I’m not quite ready to leave…

Well, the countdown to the states is down to five days and I am officially sad to leave! Wouldn’t have expected it now, but all of a sudden I’m wishing for another few months in London!

I know I haven’t written in a few days, but it’s not without good reason.

In other news, I found this poem! I’m not sure I understand Katy Lederer…in fact, I’m sure I don’t. Her poems don’t flow the way I’m used to, the way a lot of the poetry I like does. But I still really like her rhythm, the way she says things simply. There’s a sense that her poems aren’t BSing you at all, that there were useless bits in there before but she edited them all out and you’re just left with these crazy, fairly short, slightly flighty, lovely poems.

So, without further ado, LoveĀ by Katy Lederer:


After Duras

“We go back to our house. We are lovers.
We cannot stop loving each other.”

I come to confiscate your love.
What will you do?

Small shrubs grow in the blackened yard.
Sun, which is yellow, shines in through the windows, now barred.

You were watching me eat.
Put your tongue in my mouth then retract it.

We were waiting for our recompense.
But everyone knows love is bankrupt.

On the billboard in front of us: breasts.
The empty middles of the mannequins that peered out through the glass.

Reprehensibly, I mouthed the words: I love you.


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