Four months passed…

Well, tomorrow morning most of us are leaving London, boarding planes bound for Raleigh or Newark. I cannot believe that my four months in London are already up! It’s gone by so quickly and I could not have asked for a better final week here! To catch the blogosphere up…

I’ve been seeing a really great British guy this week and he took me all sorts of fun places! Wednesday afternoon we headed to Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park to soak up some sun and see my favorite forever-boy, Peter Pan! I actually managed to get sunburned (ouch), but it was quite nice and chill, and seeing all the puppies running around made me miss mine. Wednesday night was fancy-dinner with the Elon students and one of the best meals I’ve had in London.

first course...NOMS

first course…NOMS

On Thursday, Symon took me to smoke shishah at a nice Indian place close to Harrods (so good!) before I went to see Les Miserables with some of the girls. Hanging out was great (guy’s awesome!) and the performance was SO stellar. Gavrosh is the coolest little kid and I love the parts he sings. The barricade this performance used was also too amazing…it looked so real and the rotating set…I was so impressed, and it was seriously one of the greatest performances I’ve seen.

We hung out all day Friday and, as London has decided it’s now spring, spent just about all of it outside. I’d only been to Regent’s Park near Camden Town once before and hadn’t really explored it, and we headed over there to go to the zoo! Like the other big London parks, Regent’s Park is HUGE, and we actually ended up meandering around for about two hours before actually making it to the zoo itself. The walk was completely worth it; we ran into a beautiful English garden bit and admired the flowers, and found some beautiful, beautiful wood sculptures before eventually finding the zoo entrance.


I got to be a little kid and run around looking at all the animals! London Zoo is also pretty cool in that it’s got a farm animal section that you could essentially go into as a petting. Surprisingly, Symon said we could go into their enclosures and pet the sheep and goats by ourselves (yay for the Brits and Darwinism!)…brought back memories of the farm we visited in Ireland. There were also, of course, lions and tigers and bears – oh my! – but they wouldn’t let us pet them…something about teeth, claws, etc. etc.

This is Hari, the tiger.

This is Hari, the tiger.

After the zoo closed, we ended our day out with my favorite coffee place and cooking dinner in the flat, which was lovely and delicious, then had a great night hanging out with Symon and the Elon crew celebrating our last few nights in London…

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen! Tomorrow morning I head back to the states, back to NC and summertime, back to my mountains and family and the friends I’ve missed dearly! This has been such a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had here for anything in the world (in fact, I’d love to stay a bit longer if I could), but I’m looking forward to hugging my parents and the sister for the first time in months.

With all my love,




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