The South Begs for Idleness

There’s springtime, so short
between winter and summer you can’t blink
or you’ll miss it flying by. And it is flying,
the spring; everything’s in the air…insects drunk Continue reading


On Holden Caulfield (and how I view characters)

So I’m reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird for the umpteenth time because my goal is to write in my copy as much as my favorite Creative Writing professor has written in hers (that’s not really why, but I’m a little short on inspiration lately and Bird by Bird always has good advice). Anyway, I’m on the chapter about characters. It never fails to spark my writing thoughts, mostly because I have trouble creating flawed characters. I protect mine too much, and Anne Lamott talks about why it is you can’t do that, what happens in your stories when you shelter them. This all got me thinking about Holden Caulfield and Catcher in the Rye… Continue reading

What I Love About Poetry

What I love about poetry is how every time you come back to a good poem you find something else to love. The lines that drew you to it the first time are still there, but maybe it’s the second line in the third stanza that calls to you now. I love how every word and phrase means something, or multiple somethings. I love the variability of it all, how many different styles and languages and tones there are. It’s wonderful. Continue reading