What I Love About Poetry

What I love about poetry is how every time you come back to a good poem you find something else to love. The lines that drew you to it the first time are still there, but maybe it’s the second line in the third stanza that calls to you now. I love how every word and phrase means something, or multiple somethings. I love the variability of it all, how many different styles and languages and tones there are. It’s wonderful.

From Before the Deployment to A Red Tricycle in the Belly of the Pool to On Living…people write so differently, but it’s all beautiful.

I suppose this short post on poetry is every bit as much for me as it is for you. Work and home and distractions have been getting the best of me lately, and I need to write and I want to write, but the time just never seems right or the wind’s blowing through the sunroom and the birds are singing…


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