From North Caroline to Boston

Shout-out to Boston Poetry Magazine and Mike Jewett for publishing five of my poems on their/his blog (and possibly-maybe in their printed anthology). Mike’s very nice and the mag has one of the easiest submissions processes I’ve been through, so, fellow writers, pop over there and take a look!

My pieces can be found here – Continue reading


Reading You Poetry

I want a man I could read poetry to.
           (And I don’t care that that isn’t grammatically correct.)
I don’t suppose
it’s politically correct either, or that it conforms
to the notions of gender stereotypes we seem to carry
like luggage packed, too heavy Continue reading

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself

So, today I’d like to tell everyone about this spectacular nonprofit I’m passionate about (ignore the improper grammar bit there, the right way sounded stilted). Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself, or CYNY as they’ve been abbreviating themselves lately, is this wicked cool organization that gives clothes to people in need. It could be a homeless person, an ex-convict, an orphan in need of school clothes…they make sure that people who need stuff, get stuff. Continue reading


I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads, writing-wise. There’s been so much going on.

For starters, I’ve been working pretty constantly on my literature thesis, formal writing if there ever was (though it is interesting, to my mentor and I at least). I’ve been doing the whole responsible student thing and studying for GRE writing bits Continue reading

Aliens and Blueberry Pie

It’s late and the dog just figured out I’m moving tomorrow. She’s nosing around my room, clearly shocked to see the hardwoods now that my drawers and gaping suitcases aren’t covering them. My parents, sister, and I are all in our respective beds with plans to be up early – much earlier, in fact, than I’ve had to get up in all of the past six weeks. It’s hard to believe I actually have been in America for the past six weeks. Continue reading