I feel like I am at a bit of a crossroads, writing-wise. There’s been so much going on.

For starters, I’ve been working pretty constantly on my literature thesis, formal writing if there ever was (though it is interesting, to my mentor and I at least). I’ve been doing the whole responsible student thing and studying for GRE writing bits argument and analysis, what fun! There’s work-work, which is a lot of blog posts and Facebook posts for companies and networks and things like that. Then there’s essays for grants to pay for grad school (I’m a little ahead of the curve here, timeline-wise, but that’s good because my mind is pretty darn BLANK). So I’ve been doing a lot of different types of writing that aren’t exactly what I’m passionate about (ie. creativity, poetry), but it’s all I can do keep up with this bit, read some, and try not to get a headache from staring at words 10+ hours a day.

I do have some things stashed away, if I’m being completely honest. I’ve been editing and thinking and debating about putting them up. But here’s the thing, dear ones: when I decided not to post them after I first wrote them, it was because they were bits that were too close to home. I didn’t have any distance from what I was writing about – which is what happens if I try to go all Hemingway, anyway. And life has changed since I wrote them: it’s changed quite a lot in fact. I don’t feel the feels I wrote about in those pieces anymore, in part because some internal emotional junk finally changed and in part because someone very wonderful walked into my life. And I don’t want anything made public to be misconstrued by that particular, spectacular individual. It’s not that I planned to filter this blog – I certainly didn’t – but I’m not going to make old material public at the expense of those I love.

So bear with me, if you will. There will be new stuff soon, new original stuff soon. I just need to get oriented.


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