Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Round I-Don’t-Even-Know…

So, our carbon monoxide alarm is beeping. Not a lot, not frequently, but tonight as Kiley and I were sitting in our respective bedrooms, separated by the living room/kitchen, there was a distinct and very loud BEEP. And then a few minutes later there was another one.

And that, my friends, is how the two of us ended up standing, very perplexed, in the living room at 1 AM (shit it’s already 1 AM?) wondering what exactly one does about an intermittently beeping carbon monoxide alarm. It doesn’t seem like the danger, danger beep – seems like that one would be a bit more frequent that every five minutes or so. Also, it seems to have gone off…as in it isn’t beeping anymore.

Again, we aren’t exactly sure what to do with this information.

I’ve settled with contacting maintenance and asking them to come check to see if we’ve got any leaks because, well, you never know. And the two of us (my roommate and I) have been having a ton of headaches lately, which is definitely a symptom of CO poisoning (been there, done that, my entire 4th-6th grade years).

But it’s definitely not lethal because, well, I just know the alarm would simply NOT sound like that if it was…it would definitely be more urgent. I think. Also, we would be sleepier (been there, done that, hookah in the Wobbly Box).

Ah, college life 401. Not particularly concerned with safety, staying up way too late, and still without much of a clue what exactly’s going on.


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