The Things I Now Know

-Church people who spend a significant portion of their time trying to make you feel guilty are bad-news-bears. Guilt is toxic and anathemic to love.

-Enjoy life. That’s what it’s here for.

-There’s always at least one more awesome musician you’ve haven’t heard of.

-Watched pots never boil. (And forgotten pots boil dry.)

-Things tend to change for the better when you’ve learned to be content with the status quo.

-Falling in love can happen more than once.

-Don’t underestimate insects with stingers; they bring friends.

-More than anything, people appreciate being given your time.

-Honesty. Wit. Vulnerability: the pillars of functional, loving relationships.

-One should never pass up free live music.

-You can drink and have fun. You can not-drink and have fun. It’s all about the attitude.

-When in doubt, make people laugh. When searching for topics of humor, one’s own clumsiness will provide good material.

-Don’t force writing. Force revisions, but not the initial creativity.

-Learn how to be comfortable in silence.

-Bugs are a lot less threatening outside than in your apartment.

-Don’t try too hard.

-Genuine smiles and offers of baked goods go a long way when asking for favors.

-Southern accents…also a plus.

I’m sure there’s more. (Over two decades of life? There has to be more.) But this is what’s popped into my head recently and, well, it’s what I find to be true.


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