In Bloom, Where the Meadow Rises – Nathaniel Perry

Do you remember when the sky burned down
its wick of light as an April cold came on
the evening of your fifth day in the world?
Of course you don’t, you couldn’t even hold
your head up yet, much less begin to think Continue reading


Post #300 and a poem…

I feel strangely un-talkative lately. Quiet. A throwback to the years I spent buried in books, perhaps; while I still love a good story I’m hardly able to read the way I used to.

Anyway, I felt like this was kind of momentous, at least for me…to have written 300 posts in the last two years, many of them much more exciting that this one. But I’m tired, and I’ve finished my finals until the next semester, and I am just tired (I think) [e.e. cummings reference, anyone?] Continue reading